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Free Nokia N-Gage Games:


These games are free for Nokia N-Gage & N-gage QD


How to Install .sis games into your N-Gage once you have downloaded them to your computer


You will need:

A Bluetooth Dongle:  get one Here

N-gage PC Suite Software: download it Here

1. Copy the .sis file into the N-Gage drive. using N-gage PC Suite and A Bluetooth Dongle
2. Disconnect your N-Gage from you PC.
3. Open the Manager application on your N-Gage. Go to Menu, Select Tools and then Manager Select the .sis file from that screen.
4. Select Install & play your free n-gage game.


Alternatively right click the file on your desktop and send it via  Bluetooth to your N-gage.

Open the Manager application on your N-Gage. Go to Menu, Select Tools and then Manager Select the .sis file from that screen.
 Select Install & play your free n-gage game.


  Rally PRO Contest One of the best ever symbian games and i have played sky force, this car racing game looks like your playing a psone game. well see for your self 10 out of 10!...  also supports blue tooth.    Download  
  Cuppa Joe's offers you the chance to launch your own coffee bar. Will it succeed? Will you become a coffee tycoon with hundreds of locations? Or will inventory mismanagement be your downfall? Find out with Cuppa Joe's. Download  
  Saga of Stone again nice game nice cartoon graphics similar to Rayman 3 but the controls are not as smooth, free game rating 6/10  Download  
  Metal Bluster  Ok game controls are hard but for a free game looks really good, free game rating 5/10 Download  
  Moto Racer 3D Hard game with nice 3d graphics just as good as moto GP free game rating 7/10 Download  
  Meltdown  Fast paced 3D Action game - steal the fuel, blow the reactor then get out before MeltDown free game rating 6/10 Download  


  Planet Zero  Great game nice graphics good game fast but over all basic, play free game rating: 6/10. Download  



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Free MMF & Midi Ringtones for VK 530, Samsung D500, E330, E800, E810, E820, T100, V200, S300, C100, E700, A800, L G-5300, S100,  S105, E800 etc...Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson & More!

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